Thursday, October 29, 2009

zero motivation level

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


"A boy and girl can be just friends,
but eventually one of them will fall for the other;
maybe temporarily, maybe at the wrong time,
maybe too late, or maybe, just maybe, forever."

Hi all, wasn't able to blog yesterday due to the overwhelming number of essays i had to write. Yay, i've completed 6 out of 9, all of which are due Nearly finished my muck-up day dress, would post a picture but it's not done yet...If in case you were wondering, I am following suit with the super skanky/figure hugging/cleavage reavealing/cheerleader-esque design just because i can,teehee.

Anyways, I was in the car on my way home from school today when it hit me: How can we humans be so certain and uncertain all at once. We plan our lives so thoroughly, every minute detail,every moment, every outcome(at least i do), and yet in the face of adversity, we so easily allow our dreams to slip right through; our efforts become completely futile, and we are left but with the stray wisps of hope, dangling on the edges of our subconscience. All of a sudden, we feel that we no longer know the purpose of life or where we are headed. The road comes to a terrifying "dead end" and we are engulfed in a blanket of darkness, no longer driven by the passion and purpose within us. Rather we are maneuvered by the wants and needs of others, what society expects and demands of us and what our friends encourage us to be like. I'm sick and tired of conforming to the standards of others;gradually sinking into the pits of pseudo-happiness, never really content with what we possess or achieve. Then love comes along and sweeps you off your feet. Yes,love has an innate ability of showing up at the most ridiculous times. I really hate how it does that. Now not only are we entangled in a web of artificiality, but have been blinded by the fog of emotions that love clouds us with;yet we humans are so suscpetible to this. But at the end, the most crucial component still draws itself towards us: What do we really want, and how badly do we want it?

Monday, October 19, 2009


" I guess you can say we are..
romantically entangled forever."

Decided to leave school at 12 today. If my memory still serves me well, this is the first bludge i've ever done. I don't feel as chirpy as usual and am even less motivated to blog today. So much for constant novel-long entries,haha. Been feeling exceptionally lethargic lately. Guess what, i have 9 essays to write in the span of 1 and a half days; anyone would feel shitty in my shoes. Ugh. I swear someone has been stealing/drinking all my OJ. It's not even funny. I had Viv over today for lunch(Shin Ramyun,mmm) so i thought i'd pour her my favourite/best ever orange juice. But no, it wasn't there. So angry*tries pulling an angry face and fails. Anyway, exams are in 4 days for me. Got a japanese oral on god. I feel the nerves creeping up and have been trying to avoid it by taking super long granny naps,which really haven't been helping. Really gotta hit the books soon,very soon,okay, immediatly after this. Good luck to all you year12 peeps, 3 weeks and it'll all be over. In the words of Wacko Jacko: " This is it." haha so lame. Was gonna blog about something else today

P.S am thinking of making this blog private.
PP.S Yeah i really wanna go to the beach too :(

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Anything but nothing

I have nothing to say to any of you;
Call me whatever you want.
Say anything you like,
I don't give a fuck.

Saturday, October 17, 2009



Friday, October 16, 2009

Hold back

"I'm crying without tears
I blew for you and shootin all the stars down
Cheating for a wish
It grows darker in my heart
This western sun is sinking
Like the choking in my throat
I'll be missing you
Will you miss me too?
Turning black and blue
Don't wanna go
Don't wanna go
Don't make it so
Theres a burning in the hour
Growing on forever
When I look at you
I find something thats new
All I want is you
Cross my heart and hope for it
I swear I won't forget you
I'll be missing you
Will you miss me too?
Turning black and blue
Don't wanna go
Don't wanna go
I believe in youAnd I believe in me too
So deep is this bruise
Don't wanna go
Don't wanna go
Don't make it so
We'll be alright
Cause the further we get
Is the fonder we grow
We both trust, right?
We'll be alright
Cause this distance is further tonight
I'll be missing you
Will you miss me too?"