Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I just don’t know if i wanna do it anymore,
get close to somebody so they can leave again.
Will be leaving in less than 10hours.
Wish i didn't have to go..It'll be 2010 when I get back.
New year,and hopefully a fresh start. I'm gonna miss all of you so much and you have literally no idea to what extent. Please pardon me if my egrish goes bad half-way through..it's 4am and it's been a fairly long day. I had so much fun though: New moon + Pancake Kitchen. Okay have to admit that the movie wasn't great but I guess the company kinda made up for it,Hah. Having abit of a quiet time now. Doing some reflection. The rollercoaster-ride of Year12 is finally over. The friends i've made, memories we've shared,times we've spent. Feeling a tiny wave of nostalgia. But I must say, past 2 weeks have been pretty amazing. I mean, the birthday party...(the presents,omg), movies,walks at the beach etc etc. This is gonna sound really cliche and oversaid but life is really full of surprises, and being in Adelaide sure does contribute to the often used term: small world. I actually am finding it hard to type stuff out. It's like words just aren't enough. Aren't enough to provoke sufficient emotion. But ofcourse you could always argue that my english isn't outstandingly competent. Okay what i'm trying to say is that I just..just,love you guys. so much. Another special shoutout to those bff's hahaha, extra love for you.
I've only known you so long. And yet, it's so hard to put a finger on how much i will actually be missing you. I don't think i've felt so whole before. I'm sure alot of people have the wrong impression by now, but you know what, it's not about them and it will never be. I can't think of a going through everyday without you being there for me. Just 2 weeks and i'm feeling all this. What more 80 years. Will you think of me the same? Would you still be there when i need you? Questions are begining to overwhelm me right now. I don't expect an answer though. I just want you to know my thoughts, want you to know how much you mean to me and how much i care. Abit cheesy but whatever. I am trying not to cry right now, but my eyes are brimming with tears...i can't help it.
Will miss you.


  1. geniaaaal you're so cute. haha
    i woke up late and had to rush to the docs to get my damn injection, which hurt like a bitch so i didn't have time to message you! but i will be sure to tell you everything ;)
    missing you already, ly

  2. haha dont worry, i'll have extra fun to make up for your absence :P oh well least we had a good tuesday before you left.