Monday, November 23, 2009


Sometimes, it’s easier to say that you’re fine;
instead of having to explain all the reasons why
you’re not.
It's been awhile hasn't it..
Last time i posted something was pre-exam period:heart swelling with anxiety, nerves seemlingly choking every breath,hindering thoughts...yeah the whole enchilada. Now, post-exam, i'm sitting here, 23 days later, slightly hesitant about posting this entry. I'm sorry, i've just been so out of it. Out of blogging, out of thinking...i don't know, just everything really. I feel like i'm losing all form of motivation and focus. It's like, everyday just passes by with uncertainty, with an increasing and gradual drag. Juts typing this is making me feel heavy. I need something to be excited about. Something new, something worth my time, something that won't disappoint; cause i'm tired of being tired. In 2 days, i'll be leaving for Singapore. The once most anticipated day of the entire year has turned into...okay i didn't know where i was going with that. Point is, i don't seem to be looking forward at all.
Had my 16th birthday celebration on Thursday. Wouldn't say it was a huge success, but it did manage to come off as acceptable to say the very least. Wasn't particularly pleased with the way the night ended(refers to the minor accident which occured shortly after deparure) buttt, i did enjoy the impromptu decision to go to the beach? Okay, that kinda failed too but whatever! Sitting at the stairs with a bunch of friends....turned out to be...not as awkward as i imgained i guess, Haha. And my apologies for ruining the cocktails, might've bought the wrong mixing juice,teehee. I don't know, what else is there to say...Oh! a special special special thanks to everyone that attended and the presents were amazing. Although i must admit, "Viva la Juicy" was the most favourable gift of all. Should've taken more photos of the night. Pity i misplaced my camera :( i have yet again succeeded in making this entry an absolute and total fail. Forgive me again.
And if you're still mildy interested in what i'm about to say please continue reading or direct your cursor to the little red [x]
Oh man i love this Winnie the Pooh quote so much that i thought i'd share it with you guys:
"Promise you won't forget me, because if I thought you would, I'd never leave."
How insanely cute is that.
To write an actual description of what a best friend is would be almost impossible. They are like an invisible shadow, always there when you need them. At times you might feel alone, like that shadow has disappeared but really all you needed to do was to move closer, and there they'll be, just like they've always been. The expectations we have of a bestfriend may vary, but nonetheless considerably high. We expect them to stand by us no matter what the circumstances;we expect them to asnwer our calls at the most ridiculous and unearthly hours. We expect them to be there to console us; to provide a shoulder for us to cry on. Sometimes I ask myself if i'm too demanding of a friend to do all this for me. Am i worth it? Would I do the same for the other? I'm not sure. Guess we'll just have to find out.


  1. always here for u~my friend!
    have FUN in singapore and dun miss me too much~ =].. love u this much!!!!!